A Bedtime Ritual Guide to Psoriasis

Although not quite as important as your morning rituals, you bedtime ritual is very important to your overall health and your psoriasis. What should you be doing in your remaining evening hours to restart and refresh your body for the next day?

  1. Reset your skin

After your usual teeth-brushin’ and makeup removing, you need to reset your face. As mentioned previously in one of our posts, moisture is key. Whether you shower at night or in the morning, moisturizing is something you don’t need to be awake to do. You should always moisturize after taking a bath or shower, especially if they are scalding hot. If you wash your face daily, you should do the same after every wash. I love to use coconut oil for my body and a light Neutrogena spf lotion for my face (or coconut oil in the winter when my skin is severely dry). Washing your body and face will strip your natural oils and dry them out even more, which takes away from that beautiful feeling of clean we so desperately crave. Experiment with your unscented moisturizers and find your dream combo.

2. Prep for tomorrow

No one likes to panic after that awful alarm clock (or in my case, my phone playing One Direction slightly too loud) slaps you awake…or after the 4th or 5th alarm (I know y’all are out there). You know what people do like? Waking up with their clothes laid out (whether it be workout, professional or casual), their lunch packed, their makeup routine down and their coffee ready to go. Now, we all can’t be Beyonce and just wake up perfect, but picking one of the things in your morning routine to take off that list can make a difference. It also helps to settle your mentality about the next day. Feeling prepared and confident in tomorrow gets those endorphins goin’. Plus, anyway you can de-stress your life is a big high-five for your psoriasis. I like to pick out my clothes the day before. I am not about to stress over being late because I was trying something different with one of my sweater skirt combos.

3. End your day on a happy note

That may have sounded sexual, but I swear its not what I meant. If you weren’t thinking that, sorry. My mind is casually swimming through the gutter. What I MEANT was that you need to end the day doing something positive for your mind and/or body. For me, this could be sitting down and playing the piano, journaling about something positive that happened during the day or stretching while listening to Ed Sheeran‘s hauntingly beautiful ballads. For you, it could be drinking some sleepy tea, reading a good book or talking to a friend. Whatever makes you happy and keeps you calm, do it! Event if it is for five minutes, it does wonders for your sleep. The better your sleep, the better your health…and psoriasis!

I hope this post helped you think of a new way to change your bedtime routine to benefit your psoriasis. You are your own person and your psoriasis is unique, so find something that works for you, night-owl or not. Do you have something different that you do? Did I totally miss something crucial? Well, lady, tell my ignorant ass all about it! I want to know and so do your psoriasisters. Happy sleeping!


Your Psoriasister,


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