“Eliminating My Psoriasis” Diet: Part 2

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading (or skimming) through Part 1. Part 2 will be way less confusing if you do. Or maybe not. I don’t know you or your life. I’m just a blogger. Not a mind-reader.

I did it! I got through the 3-week elimination phase of my diet. How? Lord knows, honestly. I learned self control, I stopped crying during ice cream commercials, I learned new ways to make kale and now have a passion for breakfast smoothies.

Now for the results! Drumroll, please…..

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that food is most likely not my trigger for my psoriasis breakouts. I’ve been in the re-integration process of this diet for over a week and nothing has changed on my skin except for my face (but we will get to that). The green is my before photo and the maroon is my after photo.

This diet may not have done much for my psoriasis, but let me tell you what it did for me in other ways:

  1. My skin GLOWS. I have gotten more compliments on my face and skin in the past weeks than normal and I’ve even been wearing less makeup because I don’t feel the need to. Girl, I look GOOD.
  2. I lost 8 lbs! That actually isn’t a lot for me, to be honest with you. I tend to lose between 8 and 15 lbs in the springtime every year and gain it all back in the winter. I pretty much just sped up the process of getting healthy MUCH faster and to an extreme. Weight was obviously not my goal in this, but it is a nice perk! My family’s version of dieting is just taking gluten out of the house. Obviously, I had 8 lbs of gluten to shed.
  3. I have not felt sluggish. Tired? Hell yeah. Sluggish? Never. Not a slug in sight.
  4. Although this diet didn’t really do much for my psoriasis…it means that my solution is still out there! Or, at least, my every-day coping solution…

I noticed while on the diet that the psoriasis and dermatitis on my face actually got worse and I was like WHAT THE EFF. Not only can I not have chocolate cake, but my face looks like I got beat up (this is a very believable story, however, since I have quite a big mouth and don’t know how to shut it around people twice my size). It was super inflamed and all of my spots were multiplying, bleeding and flaking. Not fun.

THEN I REALIZED. Eureka! I had been on birth control since late this summer and decided to stop taking it (poor timing in this unfortunate political environment if I ever want to get back on it…eek). My period was back and slightly normal. I hadn’t had one in so long, I forgot that my period usually wreaks havoc on my face. Solved that problem…sort of.

When I started to re-integrate my no-no foods into my diet after the third week, I was watching my body for signs and reactions. I was having a very stressful week and the food probably did not help to that effect. The air was dry, I was always scratching and I could feel my anxiety buzzing inside my body. As someone who has struggled with anxiety since kindergarten, it was very overwhelming to physically feel the negative energy. It affected my sleep and I had many nightmares that week that left me in bad and skittish moods. After realizing that maybe I had neglected other forms of self-care while on this diet, I did some yoga, took a few salt baths and my skin and my anxiety eventually got the message.

Alright, let’s take this back to third-grade structured essay transitions…

*ahem ahem* IN CONCLUSION (I know, I know, I KNOW), food can and does affect your lifestyle and your health. Whether it affects your psoriasis is a different story. Who knows? Maybe I messed it up and I have no idea! Or maybe my un-diagnosed anxiety disorder and lack of self-care routines are the cause of my outbreaks (*ding ding ding* I think we have a winner)…only Yonce knows. But I still recommend trying it! It was a really cool experience and I am now so much more aware of what goes in my body and how often. If you try it, let me know how it goes! Leave your story in the comments 🙂

Your Psoriasister,


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