In a New Year State of Mind

Hey Psoriasisters! It has been a minute. Let’s get back to it (every second Monday of each month)!

Psoriasister is a place for us to come together and create a positive atmosphere for us crazy beautifuls living with the big “P.” But it can be difficult to do this when talking about mental health.

As someone who has gone to a therapist once, cried excessively, said very few intelligible words and never returned again, I may not be a perfect example of mental health and mental health advocacy. But taking care of your mental health and your psoriasis is more than just a traumatizing therapy session.

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) has been reporting on the link between depression and inflammation. We are quite familiar with this link: outside stress = nasty flares. But why?

Dr. Georgia Hodes, a neuroscientist at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, says, “What we’re saying is that before there is any stress, there is already sensitivity of the immune system,” Hodes explained. “And because it’s more revved up, when you’re stressed it over-responds and leads to depression.” 

Our body treats stress like an allergy. Yes, we are “allergic” to stress, work, putting on anything besides yoga pants on a Sunday morning, but our bodies are SERIOUS about this.

How do we deal with stress and the flares that come with? Psoriasister has five cute and aesthetically-pleasing answers for you.


  1. PET A DOGGO (or a cat, chicken, gerbil, etc.)

Photo by nomao saeki on Unsplash

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but go pet your animal, your friend’s animal, or the animal sitting beside you at the coffee shop that keeps giving you “the look.” Be the grown woman at a petting zoo freaking the fuck out. The studies speak the truth. Your heartbeat slows down a bit, blood pressure lowers, and very little things beat unconditional love.


My roommate does this and it is too cute. Little notes, an engraved bracelet, or simply changing the desktop background on your work computer can be that daily reminder you need to CHILL OUT GURL.


Photo by Eddie Garcia on Unsplash

Find that scent that takes you to another place and stick to it. Splurge on a nice candle, sprinkle on some reasonably-priced essential oils on Amazon, slather on a goopy face mask or find your happy place with bath salts (not as drugs but for BATHS…get your mind out of the gutter, Linda). Experiment with essential oils in Chamomile, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Lavender.


Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Do something repetitive. Do something quiet. Stop scratching the itch (literally) and pick up the knitting needles, the adult coloring book, the paint brush, the novel that you’re supposed to read so you can one-up Linda about it, the yoga mat, the boxing gloves and get to it, mama.


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You can’t do any of these things without knowing where your stresses lie. Know that Linda’s drama is too much for you to handle right now (or ever) or being alone for too long makes you antsy or sad. Knowing the situations and types of people that make you feel bad will help you to know about yourself and the best way to relieve your anxiety-induced symptoms.

Safe travels on the stress-management road ahead! Keep calm and ignore Linda, whoever your Linda may be.

Disclaimer: I am not a scientist or an expert in anything besides how to deal with my own stress. I was a Communication major for God’s sake. I haven’t taken a math class in 4+ years. The left part of my brain is probably shrunken…explains why I tilt my head all the time.

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